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Welcome to the Cosmobiology Institute!

This is where research scientists, software developers, physicists and students of ancient belief systems come together to make breakthrough discoveries on the relationship between the patterns in the cosmos and the patterns in our lives. By using the most rigorous and flexible research tools available today, we are pioneering a new world of understanding of our place in the cosmos. Just as other areas of physics, such as quantum theory and relativity theory, have revealed that the nature of reality defies our common sense intuition of how the world works, Cosmobiology is revealing that there is an intricate interconnectedness and a beautiful tapestry in which our individual lives are embedded. The specific rules by which this tapestry is woven brings insights with many practical and helpful applications for humanity.

While the Cosmobiology Institute opens doors to new understanding, it also sweeps to the side the massive accumulation of failed models and superstitions that have plagued the understanding of the place of human beings in the cosmos. The Cosmobiology Institute is dedicated to the application of scientific methods to determine the nature of things, regardless of whether those discoveries may be comfortable or uncomfortable for some people to accept.

Extremely important also is that the Cosmobiology Institute develops open source software and provides training and education to others with a strong academic background. We are focused on providing the highest level of research and analysis, and our services are designed to accelerate advancement in understanding and we are excited about cross-disciplinary collaboration with other research institutes and universities.

Our work is made possible through the generous donations of people  who share our enthusiasm for the value of progressive investigations in science that are openly shared with the public and provide the insights and applications to improve the lives of people throughout the world.  We are very grateful for your support, your donations and promotion of this important work. We share a very beautiful and fragile planet. Let's all work together to preserve and uplift the lives of all people.

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